Identity Verification Solution & Fraud Prevention API

Accurate Identity Validation For Fraud Prevention

Identity verification solutions by IPQS perform advanced user risk analysis for KYC verification services and comprehensive fraud prevention. IPQS takes fraud prevention to the next level, with intelligent behavior analysis in addition to everything you would expect from an identity verification service. Mitigate fake account creation, stolen user credentials, and duplicate accounts using our real-time identity verification API with support for JSON or XML.

Are you looking for an identity validation service? IPQS enables real-time online identity verification with easy integration directly into your site or app. Verify identity with live risk scoring during registration, login, checkout, and similar action points. Perform intelligent analysis on the user's personal information (email, phone, address, name, IP) while also factoring in behavioral insights such as detecting bots, location spoofing, fake devices, and even device or IP resetting.

Identity Verification Service API

Real-time Identity Validation With Global Coverage

Do you need to verify users, payments, or applications? Confidently verify user actions with identity verification — without creating friction for legitimate users. Accurately identify high risk user behavior, stolen billing and personal details, and thousands of patterns of suspicious behavior which our machine learning monitors from over 1 billion user actions per day. In-house data sets take identity checks a step further, using IP address reputation along with dark web monitoring to uncover stolen identity fraud.

Have you been disappointed by other identity verification services? IPQS uses a layered approaching to fraud prevention, to score users and payments from every possible angle to ensure a user's true intentions are legitimate. Pair the best identity verification software with advanced fraud prevention tools such as phone number reputation and email address risk scoring, which are both excellent tools on their own for risk analysis.

Easily perform comprehensive identity validation to verify users, payments, and applications with real-time risk scoring and enterprise fraud prevention.

Identity Verification API

Verify identity in real-time for users and payments with a JSON and XML identity verification API. Low-latency response times enable the service to provide real-time protection on registration, checkout, and login. Tap into the industry's best identity blacklists featuring fraud prevention tools such as phone number fraud risk scoring and phone number intelligence.

View the API documentation for more information on easily integrating IPQS identity validation with your sites or apps. Add additional tools for web and in-app scoring using our SDKs for Android and iOS which directly connect to the identity verification API.

Accurate Identity Verification For Any Industry

Expand Your KYC Verification Service & Fraud Prevention

identity verification

Identity Verification

prevent identity fraud

Detect Identity Fraud

real time identity verification

Real-Time Identity Verification

identity validation fraud prevention

Identity Validation Fraud Prevention

Identity Resolution

Compare user details to billions of global public records to verify identities across the world and perform accurate identity resolution. IPQS using public records from utilities, cell phone carriers, credit bureau, and consumer behavior. Confidently screen users with industry leading identity resolution that can also detect leaked and stolen user details on the dark web.

The Complete Identity Verification Solution

Enhance your platform's risk logic with IPQS fraud prevention and worldwide identity verification. Make better decisions with less friction for legitimate users while significantly reducing fraud against sophisticated bad actors.

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