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IPQS' Domain Age Checker can identify the domain creation date associated with the domain's WHOIS and registrar details online. The "Domain Age" is a powerful indicator to identify domain reputation signals.

Domain Age can also estimate the quality of an email address or website. For example, a domain registered within the past 48 hours can be a strong signal that the domain is associated with malicious behavior, such as powering disposable email accounts or hosting phishing, malware, and abusive content.

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Domain Age Lookup Verifies Website Age and Trustworthiness

Improve domain intelligence and insight into domain risk scoring by better understanding how recently a domain was created online. The domain age is a significant risk factor in understanding the trustworthiness of a website or email domain.

Accurate domain age checks can help verify new account opening in real-time and even identify advanced fraud tactics like phishing, business email compromise (BEC), malware, and similar abusive behavior. Checking domain age online can also provide insight into the legitimacy of the business associated with the domain.

Domain Age Creation Lookup API

Scan malicious links and perform domain age API lookups to determine "domain age", WHOIS registrar details, brand impersonation, parked domains, disposable emails, and similar suspicious behavior. Domain reputation API lookups provide real-time data with low-latency response times. Connect accurate domain analysis directly to your backend business logic.

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Domain Age Creation Lookup API

Looking to pair domain risk signals with email intelligence? Detect invalid, abusive, and newly created email addresses online. Process emails and domains through our email verifier technology.

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How to Check Domain Age Online?

This free domain age creation date tool can verify the original date that a website was registered. Simply enter the domain name above and our free tool will instantly enrich the domain with important details such as website creation date, phishing & abuse signals, website category, and more.

What Are The Benefits of Domain Age Information?

Domain age is a critical factor used by online companies to better understand email address risk as well as domain trust. Here are a few benefits of using domain age intelligence:

  • The "domain creation date" is heavily used by search engines to better understand content quality and plays an important part in SEO ranking algorithms. Older domains have higher authority, which is favored by search engines.
  • Popular websites verify if a new user's account is legitimate by analyzing the email age creation date as well as the domain registration date.
  • Email Service Providers (ESPs) weigh the domain registration age in their calculations for SPAM scoring and inbox deliverability.
  • This data can also be used to verify companies are established and have been in business over a period of time.
  • Provide evidence for trademarks, patents, and similar historical data.

How to Find When A Domain Name Was Registered?

IPQS searches records from domain registrars and website content to identify when the domain or website was originally created. Additional values may also include the "last updated" date of when the domain changed ownership records as provided by WHOIS, and the domain "expiration date", which indicates when the current domain ownership period expires if not extended by the current owner.

Why Are New Domains Risky?

Fraudsters favor newly created domains, which usually have a very short lifetime before they are suspended by the domain registrar or blacklisted online. Over 40% of new domains registered everyday are associated with fraud, such as phishing, brand impersonation, and even hosting malware. So when a user signs up on a website with a domain that is only a few days old, it can trigger red flags and additional verification for the user's account.

How Does Domain Age Affect Domain Reputation?

Domain reputation is significantly affected by how old a domain is, so the domain's creation date is large weight of overall domain reputation from SEO rankings to email deliverability testing. Domains which have been registered for at least 1 year are more likely to be trusted by email service providers (ESPs) and other platforms that monitor domain reputation.

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